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When you support us, you uplift individuals and communities

Our community clean ups are so much fun and completely inspiring as the spirit of coming together to do something constructive has a positive and contagious air about it and this spreads through the communities on these days. Equipped with safety vests, bags and tweezers our clean up teams go about cleaning the agreed parts of their community. Old and young work together in unity to achieve these goals. The participants are offered food parcels in exchange for their efforts. This program is growing into more areas and we are happy to partner with various communities to roll out clean up days in more areas. We are volunteer based at phase one of all of our pillars with the intention to grow them into sustainable businesses where possible. We are already using food based reward incentives to inspire participation and developing our commercially sustainable structures as we learn from experience.


  • December 2020

    Quinten Snyman left his physical body. Gone, but not forgotten, his legacy lives on.

  • October 2020

    The clean up team were treated to a guided walk in nature with Quinten Snyman.

  • June 2020

    Quinten Snyman and Jeanray kicked off the clean up move.