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Baking Programs

When you support us, you uplift individuals and communities

We opened our first community bakery in 2020 with the idea of making great quality, healthy bread and supplying it to people at very affordable prices. This was very successful and our first bakery has become a pilot for our greater roll out. Our bakeries produce mainly bread rolls and a small range of products such as donuts that we are experimenting with. We are now in the process of fine tuning this business so that we roll it out in various areas sustainably. This business is ready to employ people and grow. We are using stone ground organic flour that is produced in South Africa.We are volunteer based at phase one of all of our pillars with the intention to grow them into sustainable businesses where possible. We are already using food based reward incentives to inspire participation and developing our commercially sustainable structures as we learn from experience.


  • May 2020

    Thanks to Greg’s bakery, we opened our first bakery in Kranshoek. Baking up to 500 a day, the bakery supplied several soup kitchens in the Kranshoek community with rolls.

  • April 2020

    Wilja Reitz at Ouland Café Royal started baking rolls for our mobile soup kitchen. In total she baked over 5000 rolls during lockdown for us.