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500+ food parcels donated

When you support us, you uplift individuals and communities

Over the last 2 weeks we sent out more than 560 food parcels, donated by Sabrina Love Foundation and other private donors.

We managed to adhere to social distancing with the children in Kranshoek, although it is really hard since the kids are so excited to see us arrive and run after our cars. They come prepared with their facial masks and little containers to receive the food in. They have learned, the ones wearing their masks will be served first. We are still feeding about 450-500 children, elderlies and a few middle aged people who are hungry 5 days a week.<br />We can see that all the effort we have put in since the first day of lockdown is having an effect. Children looking fairly well nourished and families are happy to receive the food parcels. We opened up 6 Soupkitchens which received their permits to operate again. And yes, we are exhausted but it’s all worth it when you see the happy faces with big smiles the moment we hand out food.<br />

A BIG THANK YOU to all the generous donors and a BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers, helping to distribute all the food and food parcels and to Chris Fermor and his team from The Table for cooking all the delicious meals for the Kranshoek Community.

By Tina Hopff
03 May, 2020

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