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Community gardens

When you support us, you uplift individuals and communities

The gardening project is in full swing!!

Nicholas McLean and his team is supporting families in Kranshoek to get started or support families who have already started in growing their own veggies!!
In case you declutter your shed and don’t know what to do with your old rusty tools, we are looking for small hand spades, rakes, spades, picks and forks.
Would you rather donate winter seed like onion, cabbage, etc, seedlings, organic fertiliser, liquid and solid manure, mulch, compost or 40m & 15mm polycarbonate red pipe?
Please get in touch with us – what you can’t use any more, we are happy to take away.
Nicholas 082 437 9776
Tina 079 822 5952

By Tina Hopff
27 April, 2020

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