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Our Kids Club was established following a community meeting in 2023 with the initial intention of providing after-school care for children once a week. Local volunteers suggested Friday afternoons to offer a fun-filled time for children, particularly for those facing challenging situations at home over the weekend, such as issues with abuse, alcohol, and drugs prevalent in our communities.

Since its inception, the club has experienced a rapid growth in attendance, starting from 20 children initially to now hosting 100 to 150 children every Friday, regardless of the weather. Activities range from playing soccer, engaging in arts and crafts, reading or listening to stories, to learning dance moves.

After an enjoyable hour and a half, each child is provided with a warm and nutritious meal accompanied by seasonal fruit. Occasionally, we are fortunate to offer delicious treats from our bakery, specially prepared for the kids.

Our overarching goal is to seamlessly integrate education into the playful environment. We believe it is crucial to instil values in these children, such as respect for one another, effective communication with adults, and the assurance that they are heard and cared for. We recognize the significance of offering a comforting hug, drying tears, or simply holding their hands. If we aspire to foster positive change, it begins with nurturing our children.

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By Tina Hopff
24 April, 2024

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